We are excited to host our first in person event in Waterloo! In collaboration with uwstartups, we are co-hosting a fireside chat with successful…
Raising money is hard. Founders have always struggled to raise their first first round. There are more investors, there is more capital, but it is still…
Early in the life of a company, it is easy to look at the success that others are having and compare yourself to their success. The behaviour is…
A few spots left. Apply for a chance to increase your luck and get your first round done.
We are founder-focused preparation for financing and growth. We are looking for 7-10 early stage companies to join the 3rd Eigenspace cohort. The…
Developing a deeper understanding of capital and how it works increases your chance of success.
We are expanding a little and adding some expertise.
We are doing our first info session on Discord on Monday Feb 21st, 7pm
Cohort 3 will be bigger and include a new program for students!
Look to where you want to go, not where you have been.
Investing the time on simple things is what you need to do. You are not working complex sales process and metrics... for a while.
Started in 2021, growing in 2022